Reunion / The Ensemble Returns

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2009 – Re-establishing the Company

In January 2009, a group of Ensemble alumni, former staff and supporters reunited to discuss locating and preserving the Company’s archives.  The initial ‘brainstorming sessions’ led to two exhibits and performances at the Paterson Museum, as well asthe formation of a new Board of Directors.  By 2010, Nicholas Rodriguez, alumni and new recruits, were leading dance classes and performing in Paterson, NJ – a town with rich industrial history, but limited after-school arts training or performing opportunities for youth. 

Ensemble goals includes growing our presence locally and regionally; preserving/exhibiting archives, documenting and disseminating aspects of the Company’s historic projects, such as “Graffiti In Control,” and promoting a positive image of the Silk City.


Ensemble Highlights Since Re-Establishment

  • Incorporated ICE as a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt, Non-Profit Charitable Organization
  • Elected Charter Board Members, Officers, and Appointed an Advisory Board
  • Formed an Events Planning Committee.
  • Elected an Artistic Director
  • Created a Mission Statement & By-Laws
  • Secured Existing Archives
  • Initiated Cultivation Events involving Alumni & Professional Performers
  • Entered into a Partnership with the Paterson Museum & Mounted a Major Fundraising Exhibit at the Paterson Museum
  • Secured Local and County Grants
  • Received Commissions from the Passaic County Cultural & Heritage Council
  • Created work sponsored by the National Endowment from the Arts

Services Offered

  • Youth Dance Training for ages 13-17
  • Youth Performing Company
  • ICE After-School Outreach Program for ages 4-5
  • Summer Dance & Theater Intensive
  • Local Artist Collaborations & Installations
  • Alumni Dance & Theater Performances